Some of the Best Internet Sailing Links:
revision April 20, 2013

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2012 Victoria Class Rules

Canadian Radio Yachting Association

Victoria Resource Centre

Calgary Model Sailing Assoc.

Woodstock Model Sailing Club

Veleros Victoria Rc Chile

Gabriola Island Model Sailors (email)

Lakeshore Yacht Club, Etobicoke, ON

Windsor Model Yacht Club

Nautical Nomenclature by Kingdom Yachts
Sailing Club

Oregon Model Yacht Club

Seattle Model Yacht Club

Detroit Model Yacht Club

Model Yachting Resource Center's Article Library.

Radio Sailing Links compiled by A. Walin, Helsinki , Finland..

St. Lucie River Model Boat Club, Florida. full of goodies for R/C sailing...

Cascades Model Yacht Club, Bend, Oregon

Trinity River Yacht Club, Dallas, TX

Woodlawn Sailing Club, San Antonio, TX

American Model Yachting Association
(new website rewrite)

KIWI Radio Yachting Assn.

Kelowna Yacht Club

Horizon Hobbies (USA)

Great Hobbies on-line catalog..(Canadian)

SpektrumRC radio-controllers

Tower Hobbies (USA)

Blackmagick Sails. (New Zealand)

Carr Sails, Redmond, WA, USA

Windjammin Sails, Ohio

Central Okanagan Sailing Association (COSA)

North Okanagan Sailing Association (NOSA)

South Daytona R/C Model Yacht Club

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