Custom Step-by-Step Victoria R/C Sailing Yachts by OMSA
revision August 23, 2007, Chapter H

Okanagan Model Sailboat Association, Kelowna, B.C. Canada

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Chapter H: Maintenance


During an afternoon of sailing your Victoria, some unwelcome water will get inside, probably from heavy weather entering through the sheet fair-leads on the deck.

Check for water and drain frequently, perhaps after every race.

After sailing, any moisture inside the hull must be dried out as soon as possible to avoid problems with the servos and the radio receiver. A custom dehydration package for the Victoria is available from the LONGBOW catalog at a very reasonable price.

Slide the fan into the hatch opening and allow the Victoria to dry out for a day or two.

Keeping your boat dry will also keep your yacht from gaining weight.


Check the condition of the lines running from the sail servo arm to the main and the jib booms and replace if necessary. Replacing a line before it breaks is easier to do than after it breaks as the new line can be pulled into place by the existing line through the servo arm and the deck fairlead.


Check the adjustments of the shrouds, backstay and the sails before each days sailing just as you would on a full-size sailboat.

A decent bath once in a while will keep the Victoria looking great, and surely allow it to sail faster.


In order to prolong the life of your beloved and expensive racing sails, take a few seconds to ease the tension on your sails after you are done with the sailing for the day.

Release the tension of the down-haul at the base of the main sail and ease the tension on the jib halyard and the backstay.

This will greatly lengthen the useful life of your sails.

After you have had your Victoria out of the water for any reason, and just before you place it back into the water, check that you have the boat radio turned on by doing a "rudder check". A quick wag of the rudder can save you the embarrassment of trying to swim faster than your Victoria as it sails away from the dock.

(been there... done that...)

To be used for non-commercial purposes only, Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
James Anderson, Kelowna B.C., Canada

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